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Sleep apnea affects over twenty million people, yet only one in ten will seek relief or treatment. Unfortunately, many do not find help and continue struggling through each day, suffering from the consequences of poor sleep. If it seems like you are in a constant state of exhaustion, have trouble focusing, or sometimes nod off while sitting at a stoplight or while watching TV, these may be signs that you have sleep apnea. If your bed partner complains of your loud and irregular snoring, this can also be helpful in achieving a diagnosis.

Sleep apnea is a serious disease, one that not only compromises the quality of everyday life, but also increases the risk of a wide range of longer-term health problems.

At Baysac Dental Sleep Therapy, we are dedicated to the treatment of your sleep apnea. We are a caring team of sleep medicine professionals who will guide you through every stage of the diagnosis and treatment process, and we also offer some of the most convenient and effective treatment options available today.

Learn more about the dangers of sleep apnea and the relief we can provide by contacting us to begin your return to better sleep, better health and a happy awakening every morning.

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